Potential Water Damage in the Kitchen: Protect from Water Damage with Proper Storage

With so much water in a modern kitchen, proper planning and storage of your tools can help prevent water damage in your Windham County home. Of course you would repair a broken faucet that sprays water. But there are many other ways to protect the space from water damage to walls, floors, and tools. We at Rainbow International Restoration would like to offer the following suggestions.

Keep Down The Clutter to Keep Clean

To avoid water accumulating on shelves and surfaces, remove all of the unneeded tools. As a rule of thumb:

  • Store appliances you use daily on the counter
  • Store appliances you use weekly in bottom cabinets
  • Store appliances you rarely use in a storage space, like a pantry.

Blenders, Food Processors and Smoothie Makers

Disassemble completely after each use. After you clean the inside of the carafe, leave the jug upside-down on a drying rack. Wait to put the lid back onto the blender jug until the inside is completely dry; don’t store it damp. A sealed, wet interior can lead to condensation and provide an environment for bacterial growth.

Wipe the chassis with a cloth — don’t submerge the electronics in water. Clean both sides of the gasket every time. Use a Q-tip to clean control buttons.

Cooking and Heating Appliances

These food-centric places of your kitchen see a lot of food spillage and grease splatters — two things mold loves to call home. Microwaves can grow colonies of mold on the seals, on the door hinge and under the unit. Keep them clean and dry.

Coffee makers are certainly a moist environment that can become a petri dish of bacteria if not cleaned.  Leave the water container as open as possible when not in use. The sealed cup models of coffee makers are notorious for harboring mold; check your owners manual for directions for a thorough cleaning. 

Thankfully, dry bread crumbs won’t support mold in the heat of the toaster. But you should still clean it, ants and other tiny critters can still enjoy the buffet. 

Cooking Tools and Utensils 

Spatulas, tongs, slotted spoons—these should be stored very close to the stove in an upright, topless container. Consider getting a dishwasher-safe container so you can throw it in the dishwasher once a week.

Store cutting boards vertically—wooden boards are susceptible to mold if stored flat. Wipe knives completely, as well.

Linen napkins, fancy placemats and tablecloths can be moved to the linen closet. No need to take up space. Plus, if they get wet they will certainly mold. If they must be stored in the cabinet, place them on the highest shelf so nothing drips or spills on them.

Make sure casserole dishes are dry before putting them away. Store these heavy items in the lower kitchen cabinets. You can either nest them together with the pot lids removed, or you can store them with the lids on lined up next to each other. 

Longer Term Storage

For items that you only need a few times a year, take precautions as you store them. If you use the garage, a mud room or an attic, check your storage space for signs of pests or moisture. Droppings, spider webs, mold or mildew in your storage area should be removed, cleaned and blocked from returning. Call a water damage specialist like Rainbow International if you see anything suspicious. 

If you have or can make shelving units available in your shed or garage, use large plastic containers with tight lids. While they aren’t impenetrable, make a great home for your seasonal gear. However, while plastic containers do a better job of keeping pests outside, they can also trap moisture inside. Use moisture absorbers in each container to prevent mold and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration in West Hartford

To protect your home and your possessions from more damage, call in the professionals to clean up water damage using the proper equipment, the latest technology and years of experience. Instead of spreading mold and indoor pollution, Rainbow International will seal off undamaged rooms, wear protective clothing to protect your carpets, and work diligently to protect the indoor air quality. Contact Rainbow of West Hartford at the first sign of water damage or for more information.

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