Expert Care for Your Contents

Save your precious and sentimental valuables with superior contents cleaning by the pros!

When your personal belongings are damaged by smoke, soot, or water, you need to call a professional contents cleaning company before you decide that your items are damaged for good. Home and business owners often think that after a disaster has damaged their property and belongings, many of their items are unsalvageable when, in reality, they can be restored.

Rainbow International of West Hartford has extensive experience in cleaning and restoring water, smoke, and soot damaged contents. Our professional team will respectfully and carefully pack up your items, move them to our state-of-the-art cleaning facility, restore your items, and store them in a safe environment until you are ready to have them returned to you.

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Expert Packout And Contents Storing

Contents cleaning requires packing out the items and moving them to a safe location for cleaning and restoring. When we move your items, we carefully inventory and pack them up so that cross-contamination does not happen. Your valuable possessions are moved with care and concern so that items are not broken or further damaged during the moving process.

Once they are cleaned, we carefully inventory, pack your items back into new, clean boxes, and store them individually in our secure facility until you are ready to have your items returned to you. You will be involved during the entire process so that you know what is happening with each of your items along the way. Our experts are committed to cleaning as many of your items as possible and to make sure you are comfortable and secure during the entire process.

Why Rainbow International Of West Hartford Is The Best In The Business

Rainbow International of West Hartford isn’t the best in the business because of our years of experience and on-going training. We are the best because we truly care about our clients and helping them during a stressful disaster. We are the best because we know that professional contents cleaning isn’t just about packing, cleaning, and restoring. It’s about being innovative and finding the best practice to make sure we don’t overlook any situation. Potential losses don’t always have to be losses. We know from experience that what may seem unsalvageable can be saved and restored.

If you have experienced a major disaster and are in need of contents cleaning, don’t risk your valuable and sentimental items by relying on anyone other than the trusted and caring professionals at Rainbow International Of West Hartford. We are the best because we are committed to providing the best services every single time!


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