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Bad odors are something that most home and business owners deal with from time to time, and something that cannot be ignored. Whether the smell is stuck in your carpets, walls, or even furniture, Rainbow International of West Hartford can rid your property of bad odors fast!

The odor removal process involves finding the source of the odor and the conditions in which it exists. Once the source is identified, we can remove it. Common sources of bad odors are pets, lingering smoke, chemicals, and even milk spills. Whatever the smell is, Rainbow International is certified and insured by the IICRC and has over 30 years of experience in high-quality odor removal, even in the worst conditions.

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Pet Odor Removal

Everyone loves their pets. Pets are often more like family than animals. But, our furry little friends can leave behind awful odors that nobody enjoys! If your pets are outdoor/indoor animals, they bring elements from outside, inside. Wet and dirty animals leave a smelly odor on furniture and in the carpets that is hard to get rid of. Along with the outside elements, they also have accidents here and there that are next to impossible to get rid of without professional odor removal. Even carpet cleaning doesn’t always do the trick.

Rainbow International of West Hartford has plenty of experience treating pet odors and we know which agents and methods to use to completely remove any trace of pet odors of any nature.

Breathing in pet odors can quickly destroy the comfort and peace that you live in on a regular basis. Not only does it make breathing more difficult, but bad odors create a feeling of an unclean and uncomfortable environment. We can make your living environment breathable and easy in no time!

Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odors are one of the most difficult odors to remove, especially if the smoke has been lingering for a long period of time. Smoke odor removal requires expert equipment, professional cleaning agents, and particular removal methods that our industry professionals are trained and experienced in.

Lingering smoke odor can permanently embed into your walls, flooring, and furniture. But it doesn’t have to. Rainbow International of West Hartford has the experience and the expertise needed to completely eradicate smoke odors throughout your home and air ventilation system. Don’t worry about living in poor quality, unbreathable air any longer. Call our professional team today! We can quickly help remove any trace of smoke odor.


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